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IL VICARIO Aglianico bitters

IL VICARIO Aglianico bitters

Original recipe.

Amaro based on Aglianico and Gentian essences born from a homemade recipe handed down over time.

The cultivation area of ​​the vine that is the heart of this recipe is located in Montemarano precisely on the ridge of the mountain now called Costa di Santa Maria but which in less recent times was called the Casino of Vicario.

History has it that the local Vicar loved drinking this type of bitter made with the main Montemarano vine and local roots and herbs.Obviously the recipe has been revisited over time.


0 °C - 4 °C

Alcohol content:

32 % VOL.


Bitter liqueur characterized by a hint of gentian, medicinal herbs and wine. Amber color with light reflections. On the palate notes of citrus fruits, herbs and a pleasant bitterness.