The Azienda Agricola Giovanni Molettieri was born with the idea of following another branch of the family tradition. We talk about oil and olive growing.
Immersed in the hills of Montemarano, in the heart of Irpinia, we can observe these majestic olive trees that range from 10 to 70 years of age along most of the family vineyards.
From these 500 plants comes Floris, our idea of irpinian oil produced with some of the best varieties  that we can find in the South of Italy. We talk about the “frantoiana”, “leccina”, “ogliarola” and the famous “ravece”.
Production is very limited because it is artisanal and organic. In any case, what we bring to the table is an oil that goes well with dishes such as meat and pasta and that tends to give its touch of quality in every occasion.

Cold extraction. Montemarano olives.


Extra virgin olive oil

Oil of superior quality obtained only from the first harvest in exact maturation phase.
The coltivars adopted are ravece, ogliarola and leccino. It is harvested by crushing, then transported to the mill and processed no later than 8 hours.
Exclusively cold extraction by mechanical processes. The oil is placed in stainless steel tanks in a cool and dry place.
For the purpose of natural decanting, it is bottled and put in the market.

Organoleptic features:

The color is golden yellow with green reflections. Dense and clear.
The aroma and taste are fresh with slightly spicy but harmonious floral notes.
Great for seasoning cooked and raw foods enhancing the taste and aromatic ability of meals.