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Campania Rosato I.G.P.

Campania Rosato I.G.P.

Aglianico 100% aging only in steel with fermentation at low temperatures.

To be served mainly as an aperitif or to be served with fairly simple dishes.


0,75 L




10 - 12 °C

Wine making process:

After the complete ripening, the harvested wine grapes are soft-pressed, the grape skins are Subjected to cold maceration for around 6 hours. The next step is fermentation and refinement in stainless barrels.

Average annual production:

Arround 2.000 bottles

Organoleptic features:

Pink intense colour with red notes. Perfect equlibrium between acidity and softness. It is perfect apertive, and pairs well with fish dishes and flavoured first course.

Grape variety:

Aglianico (100%)

Production area:


Grape Production per hectare:

100 ql./ha with kg. 2,00 for plant